For your original design

Are you searching for some special material which gives to your design ideas the unrepeatable and unique spirit?

Let´s create with us the original design of your interior or exterior.

For your desir to become different

The company Aenor has been established to transforme your ideas into the reality. The high interest of customers in the realization of the specific interior´s and
exterior´s solutions was the reason of company´s founding who has been in existence since 2018. With us, you can obtain the unique material made and assembled in accordance with your individual requirements.

who transforme your projects into the reality

We collaborate directly with the company Suit-line which is involved several years in the assembly and realization of the luxury projects in Slovakia and abroad. The principal idea of it´s activity is the high-quality and stable assembly and flexibility.

Let´s create your specific project with us!

Your original ideas, our high quality realization.

We realize the projects in France, Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia. We provide and assemble the products for the interior and exterior.